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Mall.NPowerDG.Com is an eCommerce blog where buying and selling of goods and services take place. We update our members with latest quality product that are available in the market such as Agric culture equipment, health and fitness materials, home appliance, mobile phones, groceries, books and others.

Mall.NPowerDG.Com was created to help NPOWER Discussion Group Members make the right choice in their shopping plans, we are hoping to grow into a bigger eCommerce blog with great potential

Members can now contact us to sell their product on the platform, simply use the contact form to get in touch with us and don't forget to subscribe to our email newsletter to get updated with latest product

The Mall.NPowerDG.Com is a perfect shopping platform created as part of my contribution to Npower volunteers N-Agro, N-Health, N-Teach, N-Tax, the non graduate Volunteers and Nigerians as a whole to easily market their products and also buy from other colleagues from the comfort of their homes any where in Nigeria.

This will help some of the N-Agro volunteers sell their farm produce on the platform to avoid wastage. We also know that some of us in N-Teach, N-health, N-tax are potential entrepreneurs so the platform is going to be a perfect place to connect and transact business in the form of buying and selling of good and services.

We have put measures in place in making sure that only verify and authentic members whose products has been confirm genuine will be allowed to share the products on this platform.

How to sell you product on this platform:
If you have any product that you want to sell, simply contact the Admin through the comment box and he will contact you immediately or call: 08081987942.

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